Importing data

PocketSales can import data directly from a standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. The first row of the file will be ignored as it is supposed to contain the columns header names. The next rows should contain a product in each row with its fields separated by a semicolon (;) on the following order:
  • Reference: Has to be unique (2 or more products cannot have the same reference), and its mandatory to have a reference.
  • Name: (optional) The name of the product.
  • Price: (optional) Number with a maximum of 2 decimals, you can use a comma(,) or a point(.) for inputting a decimal value, if a price has not been introduced the product will have a cost of 0.
  • Category: (optional) Category to which the product belongs.

Its mandatory for each product to have all these 4 fields, even if they are empty.
Example CSV content

 Or1kg;Oranges 1kg;Fruits;1,02  
 Pe-150g;Peanuts 150g;Food;1,05  
 cko100;Chocolate 100g;Sweets;1,2  

You can also retrieve and import an example CSV file clicking here or you can copy the url:  

Note: If you are using special characters with accents, etc.. make sure you save your CSV file in a valid codification format, for example UTF-8.

REF Product Category Price
A100 Playstation 2 GameConsoles 190,4
A101 Nintendo Wii GameConsoles 155.4
A102 GameBoy GameConsoles 109
A103 Red T-Shirt Clothes $28
A104 Pants Clothes 10
B202 Hat Clothes 21
C676 Rice 1Kg Food 0.98