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What is the difference between the lite and the normal version?
Both versions are exactly the same, the only difference is that in the lite (free) version you are not allowed to import data via URL or file upload using a CSV file.
How can I mark an order back as unsent?
If you have an order already marked as sent, just edit the order again and apply any modification, the order will be back marked as unsent.
Can I change the file format when sending brief of all the orders?
Right now all the orders will be sent via PDF by default, if you need to send the orders in a personalized way you can submit ask us for an inquery to develop a personalized app for your system.
Can I change the language?
Yes, on future versions.
Can I add a currency symbol on prices
If you have currency symbols in your importing CSV file PocketSales will ignore it, at the moment PocketSales will not add currency symbols on prices, but it will do on future versions.
Can I change the date of the order
No, you cannot change the order date. The order will have the date in which the order was created.
Is there a way that I can change the input/output file format when importing/sending data to suit my accounting software?
Yes, but for that we would need to develop a personlized app adjusted for your needs. Ask as for an inquiry and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
I have a long list with over 10 000 products, I don't see all the products on the initial list.
When you are listing a long list of articles, only the first 512 items will be listed, this is done to avoid latencies on the software, if the article you are searching is not in the list just type it on the search box or select its corresponding category so the list recreates a list of products.
Is it possible to ordering the articles list by price or the orders by amount?
Not at the moment, but will do on future versions.
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